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Are you looking for a house or a flat?

Finques Cairó is a real estate agency founded in 1991 by Josep Mª Cairó and Mª Pilar Fàbregas. Over the years, both of us have known how to adapt to our clients’ needs and reinvent ourselves.

We have more than 40 years’ experience in the real estate sector.

We began with offices at C/Concepció in Figueres where the apartments were shown using printed film photographs, plans and wooden mock-ups.

But over time, modernisation and the establishment of the Internet changed the traditional method of showing and marketing the properties.

A turning point occurred in 2010, in the midst of the economic crisis, when we decided to take it a step further and relocate our offices to the Plaça Catalunya. It has been the ideal location for exponential growth.

Over the years we have established ourselves as one of the estate agencies of reference in the town of Figueres and its surrounding area.

So much so that business continuity is guaranteed, and the next generation is already leading the company, introducing pioneer technological changes in the real estate market.

Our long career endorses us and our knowledge of the market, together with experience and youth, is the key to our success.


Commercial director

Estate agent specialist in sales and rentals

Miquel Batlle

Estate agent specialist in sales and rentals

Jordi Cairó


Accounting department

Mª Pilar Fàbregas



Estate agent specialist in sales 

Josep Mª Cairó


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C/ Rutlla, 27 – Plaça Catalunya

17600 – Figueres

Tel. 972-51-09-74

Mòbil. 629-605-829