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We assess your property to give you a fair market price in order to sell it.

We also carry out valuations and appraisals for inheritances.

We find the property you need whether it is for purchase, rental, investment/business expansion, etc.

We advise and accompany you in the process and give you a personalised treatment.

We make a quality, modern photographic report that adds value to your property.

“An image is worth a thousand words”.

We mediate to bring the transaction to a successful conclusion.

We help you meet your objectives and accompany you throughout the process.

Advice, preparation, supervision and accompaniment to the notary’s office.

After-sales capital gains services, utilities, taxes, etc.

We are experts in all kinds of sales and purchase transactions.


We manage rental cover insurance to protect against possible arrears and vandalism.


Study of the viability of investments, financial advice and processing of mortgages for purchases.

We draw up all kinds of documents relating to the real estate sector, such as: lease agreements, valuations, appraisals, purchase deposit contracts, etc.


We promote your property using a marketing strategy.

We use the main real estate portals, street level window display, website, network of collaborators/contacts, newsletter, etc.

Professional agents specialising in the real estate sector will be at your services and available to offer you their knowledge and advice.

We manage and administatre rental, allowing you to generate an income from your property and increasing its value.

Technical drafting services: of new works, rectification of boundaries, certificate of habitability, energy efficiency certificate, etc.



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17600 – Figueres

Tel. 972-51-09-74

Mòbil. 629-605-829